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Interpersonal Skills, Behavioral Styles

The development of quality relationships is as important to success as the development of technical skills. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 85 - 90% of all training dollars are spent on technical skills. Yet, front-line managers report that 87 - 95% of the problems they face at work are not technical, but people problems.  Join the thousands who have learned how to work in collaboration with everyone on their team. At this high impact, interactive seminar you'll gain insights and solutions for creating productive relationships - even with people you find difficult to work with.

Conflict Resolution

In life and work there is one constant; when there is more than one person involved; there is probably some element of conflict. This session’s aims are to: Understand the nature of conflict. Review patterns of tension-reaction behavior. Learn and practice conflict resolution techniques.

Working Through & Leading Change

The ability to work through and lead change effectively is a survival skill for navigating the dynamic business and social environment of 2009 and beyond. This module provides a model for understanding the human aspect of change, and steps a manager can take to ease the transition process and maintain productivity in the midst of change. 

Practicing Personal Accountability

Based on the bestselling books; the ‘QBQ, “Question Behind the Question’ and the ‘Oz Principle’. Participants will learn to model personal accountability while managing day-to-day responsibilities.  Participants will also learn how to develop accountability in others.

Effective Time/Life Management

The Time Mangement program that transforms professional and personal needs into productive actions. Some of the principles covered are: 
  • Understand the events that occupy your time
  • Relate the 3 principles of time management to your daily life to gain work/life balance
  • Learn how to set personal and professional goals
  • Gain the benefits of the Power of Planning  and Prioritizing
  • Discover the value of your time through the "Time Investment Quadrants"
  • Learn the four components of every effective time management system. 

Strengthening Relationships and Coaching

We all act as coaches to others; to an employee, a peer, a family member or friend. This session begins by examining 'the Pygmalion Effect', and the power our expectations have on others' performance. Participants will gain an understanding of how to establish clear expectations, how to coach for improvement and development, and how to provide feedback that will influence behavior.

Effective Presentation Skills

We are all public speakers, whether we are presenting our ideas or thoughts to an associate, coaching a client, or facilitating a classroom session.  The principles, techniques, and skills introduced in the PowerSpeak® process apply to formal presentations, as well as one-on-one communication situations where we daily exert personal influence. PowerSpeak® is designed to develop skills in preparing and delivering effective presentations.  Primary elements of the PowerSpeak® process are:
  • Developing an Effective Presentation
  • Delivering an Effective Presentation

Custom Development

No two business are alike. However, many companies share similar challenges in terms of maximizing perfomance and profitability. Our expertise in a broad range of performance management principles enables us to design learning sessions that are directly aimed at a client's key objectives. How does this happen? We conduct an initial consultation with designated personnel from your organization. Once we have a clear understanding of your challenges and objectives, we recommend development topics that would address your needs. We then design a program around your core management principles, inserting exercises and discussions targeted to your business objectives. Some examples of sessions we have developed are:
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Delivering Difficult News (Communicating with Candor)

Team Building